Sound and Vibration Absorbing

Vibration Damping sheets is an easily applied damping layer for stopping reverberant "ringing" vibration in heavy plate constructions. Structural damping material consumes vibration energy and transforms it into heat, and dissipates vibration energy in the structure before it can build up and radiate as sound. Substrates upon which the tile are commonly installed include: steel, aluminum, and fiberglass laminate. Vibration damping loss factor (n), at 1,000 Hz for the 3/8" tile exceeds 0.10 on aluminum plate up to 0.40". Even greater damping values are obtained when the material is installed as a "constrained layer" treatment. Typical applications on board vessel's include:

above propellers, engine bed girder's, bulkheads, hull sides, decks, and tank tops. Damping tile and sheets are a polymeric product resistant to fuel, water, and fire. The product is optimized for use in the temperature range of 55' to 90' F All product configurations meet the requirements of MIL-P- 23653C 9 ships TYPE 11 Class 2 for damping performance and flammability as well as passing UL-94V and ASTM D-635 flame testing. These materials are bonded to the treated structure using 100 percent solid epoxy systems such as the TA-30 resin supplied by Soundown Corp. Our 1/16 ", 1/8" material is supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for use on thinner substrates. 4-1/2' wide. Cost are: 1/16" $9.48 per sq. ft. 1/8" $13.26 per sq ft. Also available in 1' X 1' Squares.
3/8" = Mil Spec Class II,
5/8" = Type 2 Mil P

Meets Coast Guard regulations.