Thermafiber soundproofing mineral wool insulation SAFB3

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USG Thermafiber insulation mineral wool sound control

Thermafiber mineral wool insulation products have a higher melt point than glass fiber products, offering extra fire protection in commercial and high-rise buildings. Sound attenuation fire blankets have high density to reduce noise. Stud blankets go into cavities of metal-stud or wood-stud walls, insulated exterior wall furring applications and curtain walls. Z-Furring Blankets are for use with USG Z-Furring channels in exterior applications. Fire Safety FS25 Blankets give additional fire protection.

Thermafiber Superior Sound Attenuation Ratings have improved by as much as 11 points in some cases when THERMAFIBER SAFBs are installed in stud cavities. These blankets are also effective in reducing low-frequency sound levels from machinery, mechanical equipment and music. Features include: — Higher efficiency attenuation than with glass fiber insulation. A test conducted by USG showed the following performance: A 3-5/8 steel-framed wall with 5/8 gypsum panels on both sides tested as STC 40 (no insulation); with 3-1/2 glass fiber insulation in the stud cavity, performance improved to STC 47; with 3 THERMAFIBER instead, performance was STC 49. The same system with 3 Creased THERMAFIBER SAFBs yielded an STC 51. — High density insulation provides high-performance attenuation at medium and high frequencies—critical frequencies when speech is the principal sound source (such as in offices).

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