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Wholesale: mass loaded vinyl barrier (MLV) sound proofing 1/8" Inexpensive soundproofing home theater, Residential noise reduction, create sound barriers with Roxul and MLV, your ceiling can be soundproofed with excellent results. Some other applications; recording Studio music room Damper sheeting soundproofing, garage music studio rooms, - Discount Acoustic music room, floor/walls and basement room soundproofing. Inexpensive recording studio soundproofing Home theater insulation materials Entertainment center
Inexpensive Noise attenuation Reduction Insulation Materials,  home entertainment home theater,recording studio soundproofing materials, acoustic sound Insulation available, our room noise attenuation material is a low cost material used for walls, rooms, ceiling in conjunction with mass loaded vinyl barrier insulation for audio room, echo proofing a room with Egg Crate, basement, garage, home recording studio center and many other noise attenuation applications. Do it yourself recording studio soundproofing, follow the techniques listed below with Read more

(MLV) Inexpensive Mass loaded vinyl barrier & Rockwool insulation

There are several methods for home theater insulating & entertainment centers


Pre Construction as illustrated in the Roxul graphic , place Roxul between the 2 X 4's then place MLV mass barrier soundproofing material over the studs, finally placing a layer of 5/8" sheet rock as the final layer.  One deviation of this method is; using resilient channel.


Recording studio soundproofing Follow the steps above with a few differences, place resilient channeling on the walls and Rsic-1 or others as treatment on the ceiling, next step place first layer of 5/8" plaster board type X then mass loaded vinyl then 1/2" plasterboard type X. Don't forget to use acoustical sealant around the walls and ceiling.


Rockwool (Roxul)  inexpensive stone wool insulation products can help to reduce airborne sound within your home  when installed in both walls and ceilings. Possible sources of sound transfer can occur between adjoining floors, walls, ceilings and through electrical receptacles and furnace vents. Most sound in the home is airborne sound generated by music, voices, ambient noise, etc. Impact sound is the result of foot traffic or falling objects. If reducing impact sound is the primary concern, additional measures such as the addition of resilient channels or a soundproofing absorbing layer between the sub floor and the joists are recommended.

Mass loaded vinyl barrier

mass loaded vinyl with Entertainment center

Wholesale MLV with foam barrier and other inexpensive soundproofing materials.
E.2.3 Coefficient of absorption. All materials absorb some sound, and the percentage of sound is measured (in laboratory tests) as a coefficient of absorption. Coefficients of absorption range in value from close to 0 (no absorption) to nearly 1.0 (100 % efficient); these coefficients vary as a function of frequency. Materials that are most efficient at absorbing sound include soft porous "fuzzy» materials such as glass fiber, inexpensive rockwool fiber, carpet, curtains, acoustic tile, and other specialty materials. Materials that depend on their porosity to absorb sound should not be painted which will clog their pores, and thus degrade their acoustical performance, a must for  home theater soundproofing  94 HB Pass
FMVSS 302 Self Extinguishing
MLV Tolerances are 0 +/- 1/8" for width.

Acoustic Carpet Underlayment insulation is an important part of a boat's sound reduction package as well as a home or office.

This easy to install product can be used at any point in the insulation process. Carpet underlayment is effective as a primary treatment for living areas of the boat or homes, such as boat/yacht salons or staterooms where flooring is the dominant source of noise in situations where it is difficult to install proper boat engine room soundproofing.

This product can also be used in a household application, such as sound reduction emanating from a basement or a level above. MLV  comes 4-1/2' & 4' wide. We offer underlayment for areas that have the potential of getting wet. (Closed Cell Foam) Ideal for pool pump enclosures.

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